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B-Meters is a company of Italy which is specializing in designs, manufactures and distributes equipment and solution for measuring water consumption and thermal energy which is used for heating and cooling for more than 25 years, bringing to the market integrated and fully worked – out solutions.

Since 2018, B-Meters deploy and supply solution of water meter remote reading systems (Smart water meters system). This is a system which allows to collect and supervise the entire amount of consumed water to each household through wireless module (RF, Lora WAN, M-BUS) combine with water meter.

This solution concomitantly allocate water consumption costs and send them to a smart phone or tablet (using Android operating system) by using Bluetooth to transfer data (WPAN), which saves a lot of costs for manually recording and collecting water bills, reducing the risk of errors and losses as well as shortening the time to entry data into the system.


Source: https://www.bmeters.com/en/bmeters-solutions/


In early 2021, people’s committee of Ho Chi Minh city has approved the program of the project to build the city become a smart city in 2021 – 2025: Focus on deploying smart solutions in specialized fields in a synchronous way. The goal of the project is improving the quality life and bring benefits to citizen in different fields, such as: e-government, security, traffic, health, environment, water supply and drainage,..

A long with that development goal, Duc Hung Co’s highly specialized engineers has studied the feasibility and effectiveness of the water meter remote reading systems solution into reality to replace other old methods.

With the advantage of being the exclusive agency for B-meter in Viet Nam, we are constantly updating new technologies and desire to bring this smart solution to apply for projects, contribute for goal of building a smart city in a new period.

Duc Hung Co at workshop: “Application of smart water meter technology in 2020 – 2025” organized by Saigon water supply company limited (Sawaco) on March 19–20, 2021.



The method of water meter remote reading systems is relatively easy to implement and has been installed in many countries all over the world, mainly operate through the following methods: signal conversion link, data collector, automatic storage.



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