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1. The functions of Electrical Control Cabinet

2. Inverter-controlled electrical cabinet

3. Electrical Control Cabinet in water plants







1. The functions of Electrical Control Cabinet


Electrical Control Cabinet is designed, assembled and programmed according to customer’s requirements and purposes. Requirements are pre-programmed that can be the control and operation of pumping system or the engines which are used in industrial plants, factories, water plants, pumping stations, etc…

The electrical control cabinet can be operated manually or automatically. In automatic mode, the electrical cabinet operates independently without human intervention to control the motors.

In addition to the main function of control, the electrical cabinet also has the following important functions:

  • Supply power, protect additional charge in case of phase loss, phase error, phase reversal, short circuit, overload;
  • Ensuring the stability of the electrical system and equipment;
  • Ensure the safety for users thanks to the cabinet’s shell which is designed with insulated material.


2. The inverter-controlled electrical cabinet


The inverter-controlled electrical cabinet is a system that using power inverter to control the speed of the motor and other control parameters such as: flow, pressure, etc… according to the setup frequency.

The inverter-controlled electrical cabinet system is widely used in controlling industrial motors, production lines, exhaust fan systems, domestic pumping systems, fire pumps, booster pumps, chillers, lighting systems…




The inverter is semiconductor power that is controlled and combined with three-phase alternating current motor to start/stop and precisely adjust the number of motor revolutions according to technology requirements. Power inverters have many types that are designed to suit the range of motors with capacities from a few hundred Watt to hundreds of Kilowatts.


Scheiner inverter Series ATV630


Duc Hung Co is a genuine distributor of Schneider Electrics’ inverter products. Schneider inverters are manufactured with a variety of lines, depending on the user’s requirements, there are some popular lines such as: ATV310, ATV320, ATV340, ATV610, ATV630, ATV680, ATV980, ATV71, ATV312…

Benefits of using power inverter:

  • Easily change the speed and reverse the motor rotation.
  • Reduced starting current compared to direct starting method, delta starting should not cause dropping voltage or difficult to start.
  • The process of starting through the inverter with low-speed helps the motor carrying a large load that not start suddenly, avoiding damage to the mechanical part, axle-bearing and increasing the motor longevity.
  • Significant energy savings compared to direct motor method
  • The inverter usually has an electronic system of overcurrent, overvoltage and undervoltage protection, create a safe system when operating.
  • Thanks to the principle of inverting through diodes and capacitors so the reactive power from the motor is very low, thus reducing the current significantly during operation, reducing the cost of installing compensating capacitors, minimizing power loss.
  • The inverter is integrated with communication modules that help to control and monitor easily.


3. Electrical Control Cabinet in water plants



Electrical Control Cabinet of filter-bed – Bong Vang water plant


Electrical Control Cabinet is a product of automation, which is very commonly used in factories, especially water plants, pumping stations, wastewater treatment stations, feed water treatment stations, etc… Thanks to the pre-programmed Electrical Control Cabinet the machine operation process is no longer manual and labor-intensive as before.



Electrical Control Cabinet of pump station level II



Electrical Control Cabinet for domestic water supply stations


The electrical cabinet system is programmed with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which is often used for intelligent electrical systems, the operation needs high accuracy and cyclic control. As a result, the system meets the needs of stabilizing pressure, flow and output water quality of the water plant.

Duc Hung Co is a provider with many years of experience in designing and installing Electrical Control Cabinet for pumping stations, water supply stations and water plants with large capacity.

We focus on the function and quality of each part of the electrical cabinet, the devices are installed synchronously of major brands such as Schneider, Siemens, ABB…



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