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1. What is Chlorine Scrubber System?

2. The application of Chlorine Scrubber at waterworks

3. Some pictures of reality projects




1. What is Chlorine Scrubber System?


Urgent Chlorine Scrubber System is the safest solution that designers, managers, and operators are very concerned in order to avoid losses which cause damage to property as well as human life whenever excessive chlorine leak occurs.

Chlorine Scrubber is specially designed and calculated for the neutralization of chlorine, in which the chemical distribution system and the contact material are installed (with appropriate porosity, size and height) to increase the contact surface and the ability to neutralize chlorine thoroughly.


Leakage Chlorine Scrubber System is designed for automatic operation. Place to put chlorine device must be designed in sealing, attach ventilating fans and inside must have sensor to notify chlorine leak and a signal transmitter to the control cabinet of the system. The sensor must be installed at a maximum height of 400mm from the ground.

When there is a chlorine leak problem, all ventilating fans will stop running. Chlorine is heavier than air, so chlorine are leaked which will stay close to the ground. The released chlorine gas is sucked through the neutralization tower with capacity from 1200m3/h to 2600m3/h. Chlorine Scrubber System is designed with a single tower (for chlorine container 1000Kg) to ensure the process’s safety and effect.


2. The application of Chlorine Scrubber at waterworks


Chlorine gas is an extremely toxic gas so it is necessary to take measures to ensure safety at work, therefore the treatment of leaked chlorine gas is a very important and necessary for all water supply plants.

For little amount of chlorine leaks, operators can use specialized masks or breathing apparatus compressors to detect and resolve leaks (by specialized devices) or immediately close the valve at the top of the chlorine tank to promptly isolate the leaked chlorine.

However, for some serious incidents causing leakage and spreading with a great level such as broken container, broken valve, etc… it is not possible to handle with simple methods. Even in the area where chlorine gas is dispersed, the chlorine gas source is concentrated, the usual tools for operators are no longer effective enough if they have to deal with the problem for a long time, directly contact with devices in chlorine house and control chlorine gas leaks is very difficult.

In the case of dispersing chlorine tank 65kg or even 1000kg (in a 1 ton container) it will cause environmental problems seriously, especially areas where people live nearby, human and material damage (Chlorine corrodes when it meets water).

Therefore, the emergency Chlorine Scrubber System with the high-low exhaust fan and the chlorine neutralization tower is the most absolute solution that is currently being equipped for chlorine gas supply systems in large water plants.

Suction and neutralization of the leaked chlorine rapidly and strictly by the leaky Chlorine Scrubber System rapidly reduce chlorine gas concentration at incident area, operate more effective, without causing human and machines.


3. Some pictures of reality projects


Actual images of Chlorine Scrubber projects at some water plants are built and operated by Duc Hung Co:





Chlorine Scrubber tower at Water Plants



Chlorine Scrubber Control Cabinet



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