• 17/19 Gò Dầu, Phường Tân Quý, Quận Tân Phú, Tp. HCM

Formerly, Duc Hung Co operates in water supply and drainage, up to now we have spent 20 years to develop and expanding our business ecosystem to many other diverse fields in order to pursue the long-term and sustainable strategy orientation that the Board of Directors has proposed from the early days of establishment. To this day, we are proud of to be a reputable contractor in the civil construction with hundreds of large and small projects such as: educational works, medical works, cultural works, offices, headquarters…



With a core team of experienced and highly specialized personnel, who have been with the Company from the early days to the later expansion and development, we always ensure the quality of each construction and the highest commitment on progress with customers.

We understand that people are the key factor to the success of a project. Focusing on management, selecting and evaluating regularly to improve the personnel capacity at the construction site is a top priority so that we can successfully complete our goals. The steering committees of each project are qualified, experienced and enthusiastic engineers, they always closely follow the progress of each project and promptly handle any arising situations with the highest responsibility.



For a large – scale works and complex structures, besides requiring contractors to commit in term of economy and technical construction, safety factors and strict requirements on occupational safety are important factor that we put on top. The supervisors are always present at the construction site to strictly oversee, ensure safety, and promptly handle incidents. Especially, with dangerous and high difficulty affair, the contractor ensures to support specialized equipment so that the workers keep one’s mind on one’s work in the safest conditions.

In addition to the commitment to ensure and train safety for workers who directly works at each construction, our occupational safety supervising department always focus on and strictly keeps track of registering, verifying, inspecting,  maintaining all kinds of machines, equipment, materials, etc…at the construction sites.




On the way of development, Duc Hung Co has become a prestigious name that representing quality and professionalism in the construction industry, receiving the trust of many customers and partners. At each project, we ensure the overall progress but still pay attention to the smallest article. Do not ignore the small details and paying attention to how to achieve perfection in the structure are the factors that create aesthetic, solid and durable works over the time.

Some of the projects require high aesthetics and the strict technical requirements that we build such as: General hospitals, schools, administrative centers…


Tra Vinh General Hospital Project

Bac Lieu Primary School project


Tra Vinh University project


Duyen Hai Administrative Center project


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