IFC International Investment Corporation (International Finance Corporation) is an affiliated organization of the World Bank (World Bank).

2019 May 27 to June 2, the Delegation of Trade – Investment Promotion with the participation of representatives of the Board of Directors of Duc Hung Trading – Service – Technology Co., Ltd had a trip and Working in Malaysia and Singapore. The Republic of Singapore and Maylaysia are two countries in Southeast Asia that Vietnam has officially established diplomatic relations since 1973. Over the past 40 years, the trade – investment cooperation between Vietnam The South and the two countries have been developing more and more strongly.



Joining the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) together with the key AEC agreements, including the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA) … is a major competitive advantage of Vietnam, contributing to attracting Investments from Singapore and Maylaysia both in quantity and quality.

Within the framework of the cooperation program, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) cooperates with the Vietnamese Embassy in the Republic of Singapore, the Vietnamese Embassy in Maylaysia and other relevant agencies to organize the Promotion Program. Investing in the Republic of Singapore and Maylaysia with the goal:

– Introducing the Vietnamese investment environment and investment incentive policies of Vietnam to Singaporean and Malaysian businesses and organizations.

– Creating opportunities for localities, organizations and businesses in Vietnam with businesses in Singapore and businesses in Maylaysia to meet and exchange investment cooperation opportunities from both sides.



The World Bank (WB) is often abbreviated to WB, its full name is International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development). This is a multilateral financial institution established in 1947 as a United Nations agency after the 1941 Bretton Woods conference. Another World Bank affiliated organization is the International Finance Corporation (IFC). IFC is allowed to directly invest in companies through the purchase of their shares.



The World Bank’s goal is to provide economic aid to member countries, primarily developing countries, to strengthen their economies. The World Bank has assisted a wide range of long-term investments in various fields, including infrastructure projects, telecommunications, electricity, agriculture, development of new industries, social programs, education and training.

Some photos of the Trade and Investment Promotion trip in Singapore and Maylaysia