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Hydro Block underains & filter media can be used for both water and gas filtration, separately and concurrently. The superior design of Hydro Block allows for the technical advantages below:
– Lightweight, easy to handle and install, reduce installation costs.
– Quick installation, single gasket, bell and spigot joint assembly ensure a tight fit with no leaking.
– Long maintenance-free life.
– No moving or and wearing parts. No corrosive materials used.
– Easy to attach new filters to the old one specially for hydraulic or water / air applications.
– Ensuring high efficiency air and water distribution and clean filtration. No dead space, no mud balling, and no filtration failures.
– Non-clogging underains, non-swelling filter.

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    Product description

    Unhealthy water sources significantly affect human activities, so they need to be treated so as not to cause serious potential hazards that directly threaten human health. Underains & filter media are made as an optimal, safe and effective method for removing the residue in the water before being put into use.
    Duc Hung Co is the exclusive distributor of the brand D.I Enviro from Korea.