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 1. What is SCADA system?

2. How necessary is SCADA system?

3. The application of SCADA in water plants operation




1. What is SCADA system?

SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data acquisition) is a control system to assist people in the process of supervising and controlling from a distance.

SCADA system components include:

  • Supervisory computers: is one or more central servers (central host computer server).
  • Intermediate data acquisition station: is Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) that have the function of communicating actuators (sensors, control boxes and actuator valves…)
  • Communication infrastructure: includes communication networks, telecommunications equipment and converters that transmit data to control units and servers.
  • Human – Machine Interface (HMI): is the operator window that displays the data processing process for the operator control the operating processes of the system.


2. How necessary is SCADA system?


The industrial revolution 4.0 has had a strong impact on all businesses, socio-economic fields, including the water supply and drainage industry. Faced with the opportunities and challenges that this revolution brings in, water supply plants have taken certain measures to adapt to new requirements.



Clean water resources is becoming more and more precious and scarce, water becomes more and more valuable, thus improving efficiency in the operation of clean water production and supply plants is an urgent requirement that aim at the target: stabilize water quality and pressure, manage water exploitation and consumption, operate and control machinery systems, manage water supply network systems…

Therefore, it is very necessary to install SCADA system to improve management and administration capacity. This system is not only the solution in water supply safely but also to minimize water loss.


3. The application of SCADA in water plants


Room for controlling SCADA at the water plant


Duc Hung Co guides to operate SCADA at the water plant


Nowadays, SCADA is widely used in water plants. The system helps the operators to monitor, control and collect data from just one display screen at the central host computer server.

From the display screen of the central server, the operator can control and supervise the entire plant including: operation of Raw Water Pumping Station, division tank, Sedimentation Tank, Filter Tank, Chemical House, Clean water pumping station, Network system…

The SCADA system records the history of pump status, network pressure, raw water flow, pumped clean water flow, power parameters, inverter parameters, chemical filling parameters and water quality target… It is possible to export to an excel report file according to the time you choose. Supporting operators in accessing data, finding the best operating solution in order to reduce power, stabilize output water quality and reduce water loss.


SCADA system’s Filter Tank screen


SCADA system’s Sedimentation Tank screen


Graph of clean water flow that are pumped out


Graph of network pressure


Table of statistical reports



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