• 17/19 Gò Dầu, Phường Tân Quý, Quận Tân Phú, Tp. HCM

Water is the extremely valuable resources for humans. Lacking of clean water and water pollution is a burning problem for most countries all over the world, especially developing countries like Vietnam.



A remarkable reality is lacking of clean water and drinking water pollution that happening in big cities. According to the Ministry of Agriculture And Rural Development, there are currently more than 96.000 households living in Mekong Delta that facing with salinization on a large scale due to the effect of climate change and sea – level rise.

Therefore, the deficiency of water supply works and rural drinking water supply system is an urgent issue that needs attention from local authorities.


Water treatment system is conduct by Duc Hung Co


One of Duc Hung Co’s works is in the series of projects to upgrade, renovate and expand the feed water treatment system in Can Tho.



Water pumping stations are located near water supply plants, taking water directly from rivers and lakes by vertical turbine pump system, submersible pump with large capacity is a more cost-effective solution than designing indirect reservoir.


Local centralized water supply systems


In addition to building, expanding and increasing capacity projects for feed water treatment plants, we build rural drinking water supply stations, centralized water supply systems for localities that are directly affected by salinization and lack of drinking water.




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