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Technical Infrastructure Works, the name sounds technical and dry, but in fact it is very close to us. Technical Infrastructure Works include infrastructures which are built to serve essential human needs such as electricity, roads, schools, stations. There are also water supply systems, trash and wastewater treatment systems telecommunications systems.



Easily, Infrastructure Work is the projects that are invested by the state to ensure the human rights and interests, to help everyone have a comfortable and sufficient life such as:

  • Electricity serving for production and daily activities.
  • Bridge and road systems serving for road traffic.
  • Public transportation systems
  • Domestic and industrial waste treatment systems
  • Water supply and drainage systems, drinking water supply systems
  • Communication system, telephone network, internet, radio and television.



Roads are one of the Technical Infrastructure Works that are meaningful and important benefit to people’s life, regardless of whether they are in the countryside or in the city. However, due to the gap between urban and rural areas, infrastructure works are also classified into two types: urban infrastructure system and rural infrastructure system.



Duc Hung Co is a contractor that to be in a strong position of constructing infrastructure works. We have a team of skilled engineers and workers with extensive experience along with modern devices and machines to ensure and engage conducting right method, time and progress with the investor. Concurrently, we strictly implement occupational safety measures at the construction site.


Hình ảnh Thi công tuyến ống thoát nước mưa hai bên đường nội bộ

Construction of rainwater drainage pipes on both sides of internal roads.



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