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The importance of Irrigation Works


Vietnam is a country with a dense network of rivers and canals, spread out all over the country. This system creates large delta, it is an advantage for the country that have a developed agriculture like Vietnam.


Một phần Đồng Bằng Sông Cửu Long

Part of Mekong Delta


Water play an important role with agriculture and it is a decisive factor for crop productivity. Therefore, the construction and repair of irrigation structure is serving production of agriculture – forestry – pisciculture, promoting socio-economic development of rural provinces is a task that need to be care by local authorities.

Currently, the irrigation works is directed by the Provincial Party and People’s Committees in the direction of socialization strongly, with the motto “Irrigation is not only for rice but also for other socio-economic goals”.



Irrigation systems are not only serving food production, aquiculture… but also providing drinking water for 80% of the population living in rural areas, especially in dry season. In the mountainous areas, where the local people live quite dispersed, areas are invested irrigation systems are the places that firmly ensure drinking water source.


What irrigation works include?


Irrigation works not only include canals, rivers and irrigation systems that serving agricultural production. But also in the construction field, irrigation is belong to agricultural and rural development project, it includes: dams, water reservoirs, culverts, pumping stations, water conduction and transfer systems, embankments, dikes and other works in service of management and exploitation irrigation.

Duc Hung Co with 20 years experiences in constructing irrigation works in rural areas, mostly concentrate in the Mekong Delta. Below are some pictures of irrigation projects that we carry out:

Tàu hút 900CV – Công trình nạo vét kênh

Dredger with 900CV – Canal dredging works

Thi công cống

Drain construction


Thi công bờ kè

Embankment construction


Thi công bờ kè

Embankment construction



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