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Automation System
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We, Duc Hung Trading Engineering & Services Co., Ltd. (DHC) are specializing in water & waste – water works and supplying the related equipments. We have very experienced and dynamic staffs, with the work guideline: “Always being a trustable partner with clients”.

Catalog Data Sheet High Thrust Leads: 4" Inch Leads Voltage: 230 Phase: 1-Phase Xem tiếp >> Catalog Data Sheet Hi-Temp 75 Leads: 8" Inch Leads Voltage: 460/380 Phase: 3-Phase Xem tiếp >>
The TETRA “LP” underdrain block has the same superior design as the “U” Xem tiếp >> The proven TETRA “U” Block will provide superior distribution for both water and air,separately and concurrently. Xem tiếp >>
Horizontal single-stage centrifugal pumps, with axial suction and radial delivery. The SKD pumps have dimensions and nominal performances according to EN 733 (UNI 7467). Xem tiếp >> Designed for high hydraulic efficiency and versatility, manufactured in a range of different materials. Xem tiếp >>
Bareshaft supported by oil lubricated bearings for series "SK - SRK" Xem tiếp >> Driven by electric submersible motors, suitable for boreholes from 4" to 14". Xem tiếp >>
Suitable for fixed and mobile installations Xem tiếp >> Consisting of modular pump assembly, lineshaft column pipes with water lubricated rubber bearings and drive heads suitable for electric motors, diesel engines and tractors. Xem tiếp >>
Single-stage centrifugal pumps with open anti-clogging impeller with wear plate Xem tiếp >> Horizontal and single-stage, close coupled to electric motors, PTO gearbox for tractors Xem tiếp >>
Black anodizing Aluminium casing. Simple, robust and low cost, due to reduced number of components. Xem tiếp >> SCADA solutions in the water industry to supply quality water in high quantities Xem tiếp >>
Product destination: Asynchronous motors power: 22kW up to 160kW Xem tiếp >> We install Automation Control System applied for Pumping machine, and supply electronic components manufactured in France by Schneider Electrics Xem tiếp >>
Preventa safety PLCs type XPS MF40 offers a modular automated line control solution in conjunction with the monitoring of safety functions that are required for the protection. Xem tiếp >>