About Us

Established I year 2002, Duc Hung Trading Engineering & Services Co., Ltd. (DHC)are specializing in water & waste – water works and supplying the related equipments. We have very experienced and dynamic staffs, with the work guideline: “Always being a trustable partner with clients”.

In order to meet customer’s various requirements, confidence and satisfaction, we always cooperate with reliable manufacturers on Europe & US market, such as:

  • Water pumps,  origin in Italy or USA: Rovatti, Pentax, Franklin, …
  • Electric motors, origin in either Italy or USA: Franklin (USA)
  • Chemical metering pumps, origin in Italy: OBL, Hanna, …
  • All kinds of Valves, origin in Korea: WooJin
  • Gas Chlorination, origin in US: Hydro Instruments
  • Water well screens, origin in Thailand: BangPong Screens
  • Lab equipment, origin in either Italy or US: Hanna (Italy), Hatch (USA)
  • POLY ALUMINIUM CHLORIDE (PAC): for water treatment (waste or portable water)
  • Other products, etc…


With a team of highly experienced, enthusiastic, dynamic work with the motto: “Always be a companion with partners”. To create and keep  brand reputation as well as the satisfaction of customers, our company has always worked with prestigious manufacturers from  EU & US markets


To Market 

Besides the value of outstanding quality in every product – service, which carries the message of culture, in order to satisfy the needs of legitimate customer.

To partners and share holders

Uphold the spirit of cooperation and development; commit to become “The best companion ” of partners and stakeholders; always increase the value of the investment attractiveness and sustainability.

To employees

Build a professional, dynamic, creative and friendly working environment; facilitate high-income and developing equitable opportunities for all employees.

To Society

Harmonize between business interests with social responsibility; positive contribution to the community-oriented activities, the spirit of civic responsibility and pride.