Underdrain Blocks

The TETRA “LP” underdrain block -Denora USA

The TETRA “LP” underdrain block -Denora USA

We supply Underdrain Blocks manufactured by a filtration specialist Denora, in USA. The TETRA “LP” underdrain block has the same superior design as the “U” Block and share most of the same features and benefits. The LP Block differs by only:

Lower Profile: allows for the retrofit of existing shallow filters and air/water backwash and greater media depth
Wider Profile: allows for fewer blocks to cover the filter floor which limits joints and grout
Maldistribution: plus or minus 5% for all lateral lengths up to 30 feet long
Flexibility: Can be cut in half, lengthwise, to avoid filling the remaining spacewith grout that will not accommodate a full width block



Please contact us for further consultation and information or access at http://www.denora.com/